Claude Chabert currently works with the collaboration of his son Antoine.

Since a young boy he attended famous French bow makers shops above all when he lived in Paris till the age of 28.

When he moved in England for five years he had the opportunity to learn new construction technique.

When he came back in his French town, Le Chevalon de Voreppe, he founded the “Maison Chabert” where he personally makes high quality bows for concert artists and for all musicians demands.

The Pernambucco wood used with bows is carefully selected in Brazil where Claude Chabert goes twice a years.

The bow fittings made by Chabert are always wrought gold and silver to guarantee a long duration.

Models which he is inspired are those of French classic tradition as Sartory, Pecatte, Bazin, Tourte, and Richaume. 

Lost of musicians coming from different countries have appreciated cello, viola and violin bows that Claude Chabert makes after buying them during some international fairs as  (Musicora) Paris, (Musikmesse) Frankfurt,  (VSA) USA et (Mondomusica) Cremona.

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