Claude Chabert
When he was a young boy, he attended several French bowmaker workshops, in the period of his

life in Paris, till the age of 28.
Then he moved to England and there, for five years he had the opportunity to learn and deepen new construction techniques and to study the style of old English bowmakers.
Once back in France he founded in le Chevalon de Voreppe, nearby Grenoble, the Maison Chabert firm, where he currently makes high quality pernambucco bows, crafted to satisfy the demand of every musician and concert player.

To ensure the high quality bows level, in Maison Chabert only carefully selected pernambucco wood is used, coming always from Brazilian renewable plantations.

Every piece finely crafted is inspired to one of the old French classic models ( Sartory, Pecatte, Bazin, Tourte and Richaume) and every bow is provided of its own certificate describing the main carachteristics, identifying and attesting the originality of every piece.

Violin, viola, cello and bass bows are mostly silver mounted but under specific requests it is possible to have gold fittings.

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